Dear Corporate America,

Eight years ago today I left you and it remains one of the best decisions I ever made for the following reasons:

– You wanted to micromanage me instead of lead me

– You gave me mix signals instead of clear, concise communications

– I asked for mentoring and you criticized me

– You wanted my loyalty but considered it a one way street

– Your VPs and GMs enjoyed playing the blame game instead of holding themselves accountable

It’s easy to see why people like me went out and started their own business. My 26 years in the Air Force taught me how to lead, communicate, mentor and build loyal teams of people.

Personal-Horsepower-FB-Banner I know how to get the most out of people without burning them out. They know that I respect them even if we disagree on a particular topic.

Corporate America, you have a lot of lessons to learn and I’m only too happy to help…but you’ve got to be willing to change. If you’re only concern is profits, you are a long ways from reaching first base.

If you like to start hitting home runs, please contact me through my website at


Michael F. Lehnertz
Personal HorsePower