Mike Lehnertz is the Founder & Principal of Personal HorsePower, LLC. Personal HorsePower Training Seminars were developed to assist leaders in all industries and organizations. His training and experience in leadership, effective communication, mentoring, and development of solid business teams have given him the expertise you need to recognize and develop your personal horsepower. The seminars will give you the unique opportunity to examine your leadership style and your business relationships. The sessions explore the dynamics between leaders and followers and business teams and their clients.

  • 1977: B.S. in History, South Dakota State University
  • 1986: Awarded M. Ed. in Counseling Psychology, So. Dakota State University
  • 26 year Air Force Veteran; Retired with the rank of Colonel
  • 93-95: Commanded 220 officer and enlisted personnel Peacekeeper Squadron; the most powerful weapon system in the Department of Defense
  • 1995: Order of the Sword; presented by the 400th Missile Security Flight, 400th Missile Squadron
  • 1996: Graduate of the USAF Air War College
  • 00-02: Commander, 45th Support Group; Vice-Commander, 45th Space Wing; 2nd in command of 10,000 military, civilian and contractor work force at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL.
  • 03-04: Senior Controller at U.S. Strategic Command; Executive Agent to the Commander (A 4 Star Flag Officer) for all nuclear and space issues
  • Four years in Aerospace Industry
  • 2009: Founded Personal HorsePower, LLC – Leadership Seminars