“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.”

This is all about accountability so let’s break this down:

First, in order to hold yourself accountable, you have to be aware of your behavior. Are you aware of what you’re saying to others? Are you aware of your actions?
Do you hold yourself accountable?

Do you hold yourself accountable?

Secondly, accountability comes from the left side of your brain. You’re thinking logically and analyzing your actions and words. You’re actively monitoring them so you don’t say something hurtful or in poor taste.

Finally, you have to be honest with yourself. The challenging part of being honest with yourself is that it’s easy to rationalize what we say and do. When we rationalize our less than sterling behavior, we have lowered our standard. If you’re truly honest with yourself, you critic yourself and take corrective action.

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