A very unique and effective one-on-one disciple maker process for every church!

We have developed a very unique offering to churches worldwide. Duke is a Men’s Ministries Pastor and has worked directly with church senior pastors, executive pastors, and men’s ministry directors teaching an exclusive platform of disciple making to men.

Discipleship is nothing new, but the very topic and applications are at best limited in their effectiveness. There is an inherent failing of men being equipped and able to carry out the Great Commission as Jesus commanded, especially within today’s church body.

The unique and exclusive element of what Duke teaches is the true application of Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus didn’t say “Go therefore and disciple”. Rather, He clearly stated the command “Go therefore and make disciples”. What we actually see as mainstream in churches in these United States today is hundreds if not thousands of ‘discipleship programs’ for men, yet we see an obvious decline of men being fully obedient to God’s word and calling, rather there is a measurable decline in men claiming victory over sin and living lives as God’s word commands.

There is plenty of education with no true application. So, if general discipleship programs are truly effective, then the stats would show an incline of men following Jesus, but the facts illustrate a decline that is growing! Men are disengaged or leaving ‘the church’ in record numbers. That’s just the facts. It’s obvious to most all church leadership.

In a generation and culture of declining lifestyle values and morality, the statistics show that. What we see is God’s commands for men generally being lived-out as casual suggestions rather than commands. Most men are just ‘checking the box’ of Christian living.

So why is this? How is it that  as important as the Great Commission is, and how mainstream you hear of this scripture passage from the pulpit, that most men are failing at claiming victory over their sin and everyday problems? Just look at failed marriages and pornography!

Because the Great Commission isn’t treated or taught as all that great. It’s become more of a suggestion than the great command.

Embracing the Great Commission, Duke teaches a disciple-maker one-on-one 6 session curriculum 12-step process to groups of men who make a profession as followers of Jesus Christ. The unique aspects of the course curriculum are targeted specifically for the purpose of equipping any man to train other men on the how-to of disciple making.

In a 6-session teaching format over about 6 weeks, Duke equips men with a step-by-step process guide to follow in order to develop and train true disciple makers. Who then, in turn, train others to train more men. This is 2 Timothy 2:2 in an actionable process that can be easily taught to other men in 6 weeks with one per week sessions lasting about 90 minutes each.

All discipleship is important and certainly a necessary and critical part of our biblical journey. The ‘missing link’ that has led to the alarming statistics that in today’s culture that support ‘The Man Problem’ we see in most churches is the lack of our church leaders in equipping men with the tools and process to disciple other men to become disciple makers.

Matthew 28:18-20 are the final words from Jesus as he ascended to the Father in heaven. These final instructions are our eternal marching orders, and haven’t changed. Jesus knew the formula necessary for men to build into the Timothy’s of our world.



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