Personal Horsepower

Personalized Training developed to assist leaders and individuals in all industries and organizations.

One Step Ahead

What makes us stand out

With our training and experience in leadership, effective communication, mentoring, and development of solid business teams have given him the expertise you need to recognize and develop your personal horsepower. The seminars will give you the unique opportunity to examine your leadership style and your business relationships. The sessions explore the dynamics between leaders and followers and business teams and their clients.

Our Training

We offer personalized training sessions for your business to succeed to its fullest potential. Some of our trainings include:

Personal and group performance coaching

Teach/ guide writing your business plan

Contuinuous Improvement Teams (C.I.T)

Keys to effective Communication

Sustaining top-performance within your team and individually.

Mr. Duke Croney Owner

Meet Duke Croney

My name is Duke Croney and I have been consulting and performance coaching since 2003.

Since an early age I was always seeking to learn how the top achievers were able to ‘climb the ladder of success’ and sought to utilize those best-practices within my business career.

My coaching applications are very successful, so the results have propelled me forward as a highly successful choice for those businesses, employees, and individuals who need help with stability, process and procedures, as well as taking the business to ‘the next level’.

I teach in person how to write simplified business plans, communication skills that bring a team together for maximum performance, continuous improvement team placement, and resource acquisition.


Performance coach Duke Croney helps people improve leadership, communication & successful practices to maximize results.

We have standardized pricing for group sessions but our individual and small group session prices are determined with you after we assess the needs and discuss the coaching needs. Please feel free to give us a call. We work within any budget to provide the help needed to be more productive & successful.

Recommended number of sessions will be discussed and determined based on the scope and parameters of the issues you are facing. We will fully explain the options based on 1 session all the way to regularly scheduled maintenance sessions.

Yes! We love working with church staff and youth workers. Non aggressive leadership skills and effective communication can make the difference between losing your youth to distraction or having the opportunity to impart spiritual input. We fully support and work with church workers. Give us a call!

We understand your dilemma. With over 35 years working with employees, we can help you develop your communication and followership skills, so you can better cope and be more productive in your work. Expanding your abilities are skills you will take with you into your future and prepare you to be a great leader regardless of your career arena. Give us a call.

No unfortunately we are not covered by insurance companies at this time. Give us a call and let us discuss with you your needs, and budget. We do offer payment plans and try to work within all budgets to provide coaching for your success.

Each client’s needs are unique! So Duke will meet with you for a free one-hour consultation to see how our services will benefit your situation. Give Duke a call now!