It is the people factor that is often underestimated in business operations. Embracing this unlimited and most valuable resource within the walls of your company is the key. We Performance Coach this!

Continuous Improvement Teams Training

Continuous Improvement Teams (C.I.T.)

  • Targeting performance coaching individually and as a team
  • Regular employee ‘briefings’ to gather best ideas to improve efficiencies, workplace culture and enhance maximum profitability
  • Define and execute best-practices of top performers as foundational
  • Not just a one-time event of brainstorming but continuous improvements for greater sustainability to support the time-tested success

Leadership Coaching

  • This is the practice of ‘Resource Acquisitions’ whereby we acquire the key practices of top performers in business and leadership and then learn how best to apply these time-tested proven wisdoms within the culture and target goals of your company.
  • Coaching ‘Followership’ by instructing others in your company by your own actions, and ‘use words if necessary’
  • How to build and sustain top performance protocols by developing the road maps used by good to great companies
Image of A leader infront of his team at a meeting
Image of someone making a road map

The Road Map

  • Would you drive from California to new York without a road map? That would be ridiculous!
    But all too many companies do exactly that. Just take a simple inventory of all the detours, wrong exist signs, potholes, and unexpected turns to see the trouble ahead by not having a map!
  • Duke walks you through a simplified business plan template patterned after the U.S. Small business administration. You and your managers participate in writing the plan step-by-step to clearly target your individual company desires so the plan is like a clear road map to your destination. And you learn exactly how to best execute the plan.
  • The business plan is your road map to successful operations. It casts the vision, defines the direction, and anticipates the road conditions, detours, weather ahead, required maintenance, and the unexpected. The plan assures the direction with confidence.
    Your ownership, management, and employees’ staff all need a clear plan from which to do their jobs effectively.
  • We all just need to know what we are supposed to do and what is expected of us to perform our job duties and responsibilities.


  • Duke is your ‘tour guide’ to view and practice from top performers
  • Resource acquisition – emulating the most successful in the business
  • Implementation and follow up are the keys to impact long-term success
  • Addressing attrition – minimizing employee loss and leveraging new employee and management on boarding success
Image of someone raising their hand at a Facilitated session

Profitability and Stability

  • These are the most successful practices of the how-to of application and the ‘sticky factor’ that drives consistent profits
  • Defining the shakers and movers of your organization and unleashing each person’s ‘Personal Horsepower’
    Genuine recognition and promotion of those leaders that are taught how to produce more leaders
  • It’s the people factor that is often underestimated in business operations. Embracing this unlimited and most valuable resource within the walls of your company is key. We Performance Coach this!
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail. Timeless wisdom all too often severely overlooked! 80% of business failures are due to not having a business plan.

Who would benefit from the Training?

Business Owners Individually

Business Entities Entirely

Executive Leaders

Department Managers

Teams and Team Leaders

All Employees – T.E.A.M.

Critical Resource Development Practices

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